Organization Restructuring

Review of reporting relationships, spans of control, number of reporting levels and studying functions of the various departments to identify features requiring improvement. This includes combining or splitting of departments, transferring sections or outsourcing the services. The organization’s structure is bench-marked with those of comparable organizations in the sector and against best practice. Core functions analysis is also done to identify non-core functions and jobs that can be outsourced. Recommendations are made on changes in the organization structure as necessary.

Optimum Staffing Establishment Studies

– Optimum staffing will be determined through the following activities of Primary Staffing Model:
i. Study on organization structure
ii. Workload analysis using information from time study and workloads or work targets to be achieved.
iii. Study of best practices including business process outsourcing (BPO) and multi – skilling.
iv. Collection and study of clients views on staffing.

Job Analysis and Writing Job Descriptions

We collect information about jobs using job analysis questionnaires and studying the information to understand the jobs. Job descriptions are then written and job specifications set according to the best practices.

Job Evaluation and Grading

We evaluate jobs using an appropriate job evaluation method to assess the relative worth of the jobs when compared to the other jobs in the organization. Job grading design or review is then done using information from job evaluation.

Salary / Remuneration Review or Design

– Review of the current salaries and allowances structure in the organization and make recommendations to ensure internal fairness.

– Facilitate collection of market remuneration data and information, do comparative analysis of organization’s remuneration structure with that of the market, design a new remuneration structure as necessary and make recommendations. This is done to ensure external competitiveness of the organization’s remuneration.

Skills Gap Analysis

– Compile and study the actual academic qualifications, professional qualifications and experience of all employees in the organization.

– Skills Matching: For each job, compare the job specifications from best practices with the actual qualifications and experience of the job holder or job holders and make recommendations to address any skills gaps identified.

– Assess other training needs and make recommendations.

Performance Management

– Performance contracting including review or design of performance management policy, review or design the tools of setting work targets / objectives, review or design measurements of work performance, review or design performance contract documents and staff skills (competency) analysis

– Management and review of performance

– Review and recommend appropriate training of all staff on performance management and performance contracting

Change Management

Effective management of change for smooth transition