Prof. Bancy Mati  was in  Ahero and West Kano irrigation schemes in Kisumu County in July 2022. There, she implemented some activities in each scheme including:

  • Presentation of rotary weeders to farmers as an incentive of the on-going project  “delivering digital training on System of Rice Intensification (SRI) for Kenyan farmers through digital learning. The project is implemented by Resource Plan and Arifu  of Kenya  and funded by The Perivoli Foundation of the United Kingdom.
  • While in both Ahero and West Kano irrigation Schemes, Prof. Mati also trained famers on the use of the digital SRI learning App, which has eight modules. The App is accessible via SMS from both smart and non-smart mobile phones. The farmers learnt quickly how to use the SRI digital learning APP and were enthusiastic about making use of it.

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