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Vision and Mission

To be the leading company in provision of consultancy services in productivity improvement and land and water management.

Provision of consultancy services in order to:-
    - Promote best methods and procedures to simplify work for cost reduction
    - Achieve effective utilization of all resources
    - Enhance human resource management and training for improved staff motivation and productivity
    - Protect the environment and solve any environmental problems

    - Professionalism: Maintain  professionalism in all our activities.
    - Client Satisfaction: Endeavour to ensure highest levels of service delivery.
    - Integrity: Uphold honesty, sincerity, transparency and accountability.
    - Confidentiality: Maintain confidentiality with the information entrusted to us.


    - To conduct work studies and industrial engineering for productivity improvement and design of best work facilities.
    - To provide consultancy services in human resource management to improve staff morale, motivation, and productivity.
    - To facilitate development of strategic planning and strategic management.
    - To provide technical training in productivity improvement, preventive maintenance, industrial health and safety and work study.
    - To provide consultancy services in land and water management, agriculture, evaluation of projects, research, capacity building and strategy             development.
    - To provide consultancy services in environment and environmental conservation.