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Resource Plan Ltd is a leading consultancy firm in Work Study, Human Resource Management, Land and Water Management Services and Productivity Improvement. The Company has two Divisions: The Work Study & Management Division which specializes in Work Study, Industrial Engineering, Human Resource Management Services, Strategic Planning and Management and Technical Training. The Land & Water Management Division specializes in Land and Water Management and Environment Services. Through our expert services delivered by a team of highly qualified, experienced consultants Resource Plan Ltd will continue to assist you to improve efficiency and productivity.

Land & Water Management Division
Work Study & Management Sivision

Resource Plan-Scope of Services (Land and Water Division)

The scope of consultancy services provided from Land & Water Management Division of Resource Plan are as listed below:-
• Water resources management - Planning, implementation and evaluation of projects, technologies, policies and institutional issues, agricultural   water, WASH, Water Funds, water towers, technologies and practices
•    Natural Resources Management - Land degradation assessment (LADA), sustainable land management (SLM), GIS and remote sensing, rainwater harvesting, soil and water conservation, land use planning; developing catchment management strategies
•    Policies and Strategies - Formulation, review and assessment of policies, strategies, legal and institutional frameworks on water and natural resources management.
•    Project formulation, implementation and evaluation, development and assessment of national, regional and international projects development
•    Climate Change – implementing climate change studies,  modelling, climate change, resilience, adaptation and mitigation measures; policies and strategies on climate change
•    Irrigation and Drainage - Feasibility studies, design of irrigation systems, development, implementation and evaluation, improving water efficiencies
•    Implementing projects on water and land management, irrigation, sustainable agriculture including System of Rice Intensification (SRI), climate change adaptation, developing value chains linking farmers to markets and development projects.
•    Environment - Environmental impact assessment (EIA), Environmental Audit, waste-water management, pollution control and environmental health.
•    Strategic planning- Developing Strategic Plans for Government and other organizations
•    Action Research - Undertaking scoping studies and applied participatory research on specific issues
•    Capacity building of various cadres of stakeholders. Developing training materials, establishing partnerships and workshop facilitation.
•    Human Resource Management – Review & design, organization restructuring, staffing and improving work-place efficiencies
•    Productivity Improvement- Work Study & Management Consultancy
•    Film Production – researching, filming and production of documentary films.


At Resource Plan, we provide productivity improvement services to assist organizations perform better. Resource Plan has continued to provide quality productivity improvement services to many organizations both in private and public sector. Improved efficiency and productivity for your business and organization results in more products or services being provided at competitive costs. For a business competitive costs translate into competitive prices and increased profits through higher volume sales. In particular we offer the following wide range of services:-

  • Work Study
  • Industrial Engineering
  • Performance Improvement and Company Turn-Round
  • FIMSpro: Factory Information Management System (Computer software for factory performance monitoring)
  • Design of Facilities: Factory Layout, Office Layout, Machines and Equipment
  • Human Resource Management Services
  • Strategic Planning and Management
  • Technical Training